We do our best to protect our teeth. We drink lots of water. We try to go easy on the sugary treats. We keep a solid brushing and flossing routine. But we still get cavities. In fact, 92% of adults have dental caries (the scientific term for tooth decay or cavities).  It is important to still try our best to prevent decay from starting at all, but it is just as important to know how to stop it if it does start. Dental fillings stop decay that has started by literally filling in the hole that has been created in a tooth. If the decay is not stopped with a filling, it will bury deeper into the tooth.

Patch the hole before you sink the whole tooth.

Once decay gets past the surface of the tooth, it begins to invade the pulp (nerve) tissue and roots. If it reaches this area, it can cause great pain and even infection. The solutions to deeper damage and/or infection can be costly. A potential solution could even be the loss of the tooth. So, catching decay early and stopping it with a filling is very important.

Early detection is key

Early cavities often cause no pain. Your dentist can detect caries before they become painful. In their very early stage, your dentist may be able to reverse the decay without a filling. And once it gets to a painful stage, it may be too late for a filling. Regular visits to your dentist allows for early detection and prevention.

If your dentist finds decay early, a dental filling can save your tooth.

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