Before you begin the process of receiving porcelain veneers, your dentist will need to confirm you are a good candidate. This means checking for preexisting oral health issues that need to be addressed, as well as confirming that your teeth will be able to hold up your veneers. After this step is completed, you will come in for an appointment where your dentist does work to ensure your veneers fit appropriately, while also taking measurements to make sure they are the correct size. Your custom veneers will be made, and sent to your dentist. When they have been received, you can come in to have them placed. So why do people choose this cosmetic dental treatment over the others available to them? Veneers offer you a means of correcting several flaws with a single procedure, so your smile can enjoy a remarkable transformation.

1. Correcting Intrinsic Discoloration

If you have teeth affected by intrinsic discoloration, a conventional whitening treatment will not be able to help you to the degree you might hope for. What your dentist can do is cover your teeth with veneers in order to cover up the problem.

2. Hiding Signs Of Wear And Tear

A problem that can face older patients, and patients who have a history of teeth grinding, is wear and tear. An accumulation of these small damages can make your teeth look older, and less attractive. Veneers offer you a chance to display a younger, healthier-looking smile.

3. Correcting Some Spacing And Tooth Size Issues

Some smile gaps demand orthodontic treatment. However, if you have a space that exists due to the inappropriately small size of a tooth, having veneers placed can allow you to shut that gap.

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