If you have never undergone a teeth whitening treatment before, how could you know what to expect from your smile once the process is completed? If your only history with whitening agents is through store bought products, you may not expect much. However, professional teeth whitening from your dentist can have a more significant effect on your appearance. One trip to the dentist’s office for a Zoom! Whitening treatment can make a terrific difference. Of course, there are other options. You can take the necessary materials and whiten your teeth at home using professional bleaching gels. Your dentist can also recommend alternative cosmetic dental treatments, which can be especially important if you have intrinsic discoloration.


True Or False: The whitening kit your dentist provides you can provide you with results that are comparable to how your teeth can look after an in-office treatment.

True Or False: Three visits are required to complete your in-office whitening procedure.

True Or False: You may have intrinsic discoloration, which is different from discoloration caused by stains – a standard whitening treatment will not be as advisable if this is the case.


True! An in-office treatment can have your smile improved by several shades. These results can be matched by a whitening treatment provided by your dentist – both rely on professional bleaching gels to attack enamel stains that store bought products can leave behind.

False! Only one visit is needed to complete your in-office whitening treatment.

True! If you have intrinsic discoloration (discoloration caused by an internal tooth issue), another cosmetic treatment can be required to really improve your appearance.