If you are experiencing a chronic toothache, or significant sensitivity, an endodontic problem may be the cause. Endodontic issues refer to problems occurring within your tooth. These problems are often related to serious cavities, but internal damage can develop after an injury, particularly one where a crack exposes your tooth’s pulp. A recurring tooth problem should certainly be seen by your dentist. If they determine you are experiencing an endodontic problem, a root canal treatment can be the answer. This procedure involves the accessing of your pulp, and the removal of infected material. Once this is complete, you will need a dental crown.

Eliminating The Threat Of A Serious Cavity

A serious cavity will not lessen in severity over time. In fact, if you put off treatment, you can lose your tooth! If too much damage has taken place, all your dentist may be able to do is perform an extraction. However, if you seek care in time, a root canal can simply involve the removal of infected material within the tooth. Only by removing all infected tissue can your dentist eliminate the threat of tooth decay.

Stay On Top Of Your Dental Needs To Limit Your Risk For Another Serious Cavity

Staying on top of your dental health needs can help you stay clear of problems that demand advanced restorative dental care. Some of that care comes from the home – brushing and flossing effectively can help you lower your risk for decay. Regular checkups will help, too, and can allow your dentist to find and treat problems before they become serious.