Enjoy a throwback evening of family fun with the upcoming Family Skate Night at the Mansfield Activity Center on Friday, August 14. Celebrate TGIF by showing off your slick roller-rink moves at this fit-and-fun event. The family-friendly night out will include retro ’80s music, arcade games, and roller skating for adults and kids of all ages. Add festive flair by donning your best ’80s-era costumes to get in the spirit of the classic roller rink party. Start off the weekend bonding with your kids at an event that’s both fun and active.

Mansfield, TX, Family Event Details

Event Name: Family Skate Nite

Date: Friday, August 14

Time: 6:30 to 10 p.m.

Location: Mansfield Activities Center, 106 S. Wisteria Street, Mansfield, TX

Cost: $7 per person. Free admission for children under 2 years old. You can save $2 with a MAC card.

Recommended Age Group: This is a family-friendly event for all ages

Contact: For more event details, call the Mansfield Activities Center at 817-453-5420.

Mansfield Family Skate Nite

A Friday night out for the whole family with an activity this is enjoyable for both parents and kids is hard to come by, but Mansfield community events like this upcoming Family Skate Nite is perfect to entertain kids and grown-ups alike. Share your own childhood favorites with your kids by having fun dressing up in 1980s clothes and dancing to classic ’80s music at the roller party. Perfect your roller skating skills hand in hand with your kids. A few hours to unplug and enjoy the company of your family without the aid of a television or phone screen is a welcome change in today’s busy world! Enjoy family events like this one to bond with your children over some old-fashioned fun. Remember to bring your roller skates, as they are not provided with admission at the event.