You probably have a variety of feelings regarding root canals. For instance, finding out that you need root canal therapy to prevent you from losing your tooth may result in a wellspring of emotions. You may feel excited that you have a solution to repair your tooth, upset that your tooth is infected, curious about whether you could have prevented the issue, and more. Rather than dealing with conflicting thoughts, we offer some information that will clear up any confusion. By making some new realizations about this restorative treatment, you can rest easy about improving your oral health.

Sometimes Therapy Is Completely Preventable

The reason you need root canal therapy is that your dental pulp – the tissue lining the interior portion of your tooth – is damaged. This may or may not include infection. In most cases your dental pulp tissue becomes inflamed and must be removed to prevent an extraction.

The problem is something you can prevent if it results from poor hygiene. Providing a way for bacteria to enter your teeth often occurs from neglected tooth decay. First, brushing and flossing every day and visiting us for six-month cleanings will prevent cavities. However, if you develop a cavity, agreeing to a dental filling right away may prevent infection. Practice preventive care and you can stop worrying about hygiene-related infections.

Sometimes Problems Just Happen

Damage may happen on accident. For instance, you may accidentally crack your tooth, which damages the pulp. Or, you may receive multiple treatments on the same tooth, which can result in damage. In these sorts of instances, it’s best to feel positive about saving your tooth without with root canal therapy worrying that there’s something you could have done.


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