We understand that there are certain dental procedures that cause patients a bit more concern than others. When it comes to improving your oral health with a tooth extraction, you may feel unsure regarding what to expect, which can cause some anxiety. Fortunately, we can assure you that the removal of your tooth is a comfortable, easy-to-understand treatment. In the majority of cases, becoming familiar with the details allows patients to feel empowered. Find out more about the steps involved with an extraction with the following details:

Planning Your Treatment

The reason for your tooth extraction may be quite different from that of another patient. Each treatment includes detailed care tailored to your particular set of circumstances. Common reasons for extractions include a tooth too damaged for restorative treatments, a wisdom tooth that is problematic, or making room for orthodontic treatment like braces.

To begin your extraction, we will start with a consultation. This is an opportune time for you to ask questions and raise concerns. In addition to explaining what you can expect, we will examine your oral cavity and create a treatment plan. This will likely include the use of digital X-rays, so we can map out the detailed, deeper workings of your tooth and surrounding tissues.

The Procedure

A tooth extraction is simple and always begins with our priority of making sure you feel comfortable. Before anything else, we will numb your tooth and tissues surrounding the area, so the only sensation you may experience is slight pressure. We will then use a careful technique to remove the tooth from its place in your mouth. You will go home with aftercare instructions for a seamless recovery.


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