If you have your sights set on dental implants to complete your smile, you may find that choosing this solution may become somewhat confusing and requires a bit more research than you imagined. Before you can come to fully understand how implants may benefit your smile (even if you feel certain they will do just that) it’s quite helpful to become familiar with the associated jargon. Ready to brush up on the essential vocab words? If so, look over the following explanations:

Single Implants: A single implant is just how it sounds. You will receive a single dental implant post to replace the roots of one missing tooth. We will top the implant with a dental crown, which will replace the visual portion of your tooth.

Multiple Implants: Perhaps you are looking for a way to replace multiple missing teeth without placing an implant in each opening. If so, we may strategically choose a number of implant posts fewer than the amount of teeth you intend to replace. We will then support a dental prosthetic (like a bridge or denture) with the posts. We may call this “implant-retained” prosthetics.

Abutment: You need a way to connect your dental implant post to the prosthetic that will replace the visible part of your tooth above your gumline. The abutment acts as this connecting accessory, fitting neatly within the top of the implant post.

Restoration: When we say we will “restore” your implant with a prosthetic or that we will place a “restoration” we mean that we will complete or top your implant. A restoration may include a dental crown, bridge, partial, or full denture.

Osseointegration: You know that once we surgically place your dental implant it will need to fuse to your jawbone tissue over the course of many months. We call this process “osseointegration.”


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