Your TMJs (short for “temporomandibular joints”) are your jaw joints, which connect your lower jaw to your cranium, while providing movement. You need these joints to open and close your mouth, which facilitates the ability to chew, speak, and more. When all is working well, you likely give little thought to this portion of your anatomy. However, when you suddenly find yourself suffering from difficulty with chewing or daily discomfort as a result of TMJ disorder, you may have a hard time focusing on much else. The good news is that you have a variety of options at your disposal for protecting your TMJ health. For more information about keeping your jaw joints healthy and preventing long-term damage, we invite you to consider the following:

Your Own Efforts

Imagine how powerful your jaws are – you have the ability to chew through food, even tough food, with little effort. Now imagine what happens when you grind your teeth or bite down on a consistent basis. All of that pressure is placed on your jaw joints, which may result in significant strain. Rather than ignoring this fact, we encourage you to think about it and to treat your jaw joints with a little bit of tender loving care. Only chew when you need to, rather than making a habit out of chewing gum or snacking on ice. Also look for stress-relievers during the day, such as music that makes you feel calm or other practices that help relieve tension. Reducing daily anxiety protects your TMJs from your tendency to clench and strain.

Schedule A Consultation

Come see us if you are worried about your TMJs. Even if you only suffer minor soreness, popping, or other symptoms of TMJ disorder, it is important that you speak with us. We can provide you with a definitive diagnosis to make sure you’re not dealing with some other problem. We will then provide you with professional level, noninvasive TMJ treatment, including the use of a sleeping apparatus, or oral appliance, that is similar to a mouth guard. It will either protect you from strain as a result of grinding or it will position your jaws to relieve TMJ tension.


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