When it comes to the appearance of your teeth, there are numerous factors they are exposed to on a daily basis that may alter their look, feel, or how they rest in your mouth. Your teeth are the epitome for attention as they are generally one of the first things people notice during a first impression. While everyone may enjoy having a pearly white smile, not everyone may be aware of how to obtain their own.  A white smile is not something that is impossible to achieve, and can be accomplished through a teeth whitening procedure, along with proper dental care at home.

How to Achieve a Perfect Smile

Before discussing a suitable treatment option, the severity of discoloration must first be determined as there are multiple reasons why teeth may be discolored. If your tooth enamel becomes stained, which is typically due to anything consumed, stains may be removed through regular at home dental care, along with receiving professional dental cleanings. If the inside of your tooth, clinically known as the pulp, becomes discolored, this may be a potential sign of infection and cannot be reversed through a normal teeth whitening procedure.

Keep Your Teeth Clean At Home

Once you have obtained a beautiful, white smile, it is important to maintain proper dental care to keep your teeth looking fresh and new.  This can be achieved through a few simple, at-home tasks that, if exercised daily, will allow your teeth to maintain their shine. For instance, brushing and flossing regularly will remove bacteria and food particles that can lead to the staining of your teeth. This will also assist in maintaining proper dental health as this removes bacteria that, if allowed to settle on or around your teeth, can lead to infection and further dental complications.


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