Modern advancements in science, medicine, and dentistry have provided an impressive array of means for restoring smiles that need cosmetic or restorative care. Still, the most efficient method of protecting your smile remains the prevention of common dental issues. The cornerstone of prevention is good dental hygiene, and although most of us learned the tenets of good hygiene as children, many patients still slack in certain areas when keeping their teeth clean and healthy. To help you maximize your preventive efforts, we take a look at one of the building block of good hygiene – brushing your teeth – and how you might be able to do so more effectively.

Use the Right Equipment

Unlike washing your hair, or cleaning dirt and grime from your skin, removing plaque and food particles from your teeth does not require elbow grease. On the contrary, the harder you scrub, the more likely you may strip your teeth of their protective outer layer, called enamel. To reduce the risks of enamel damage, be sure to use a toothbrush with soft bristles (preferably nylon), and with the American Dental Association’s (ADA) Seal of Approval. Also, using toothpaste with fluoride will help boost the strength of your enamel against plaque and harmful bacteria, which can lead to tooth decay, cavity development, tooth damage, and more.

The Bigger Picture of Good Dental Hygiene

While the few minutes you spend at the bathroom sink every day are critical, your brushing and flossing routine is only one part of a good dental hygiene routine. The plaque that settles on your teeth contains a variety of oral bacteria that can significantly threaten your teeth and gums. Before long, plaque calcifies into tartar, which requires the professional tools and attention of your dentist and hygienist. Every six months (or more often, if necessary), you should attend a dental checkup and cleaning appointment so we can more thoroughly clean your teeth and gums.


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