If you have been suffering from a toothache, the news that you need root canal therapy to improve your oral health may not be exactly what you were hoping to hear. What you may not realize, though, is that this information should be music to your ears. Yes, we realize that you may have heard a lot of myths over the course of your life, most of which probably paint root canals in a pretty bad light. However, we can tell you with absolute certainty that this restorative treatment offers a long list of benefits and is not the monster you think it is. Not sure you’re ready to smile just yet? To make sure you feel good about your appointment to protect your smile, we have answered some FAQs about root canals:

Question: Why do I need root canal therapy?

Answer: You need this treatment because your dental pulp is damaged. It may be injured or infected or both. Your dental pulp is the tissue that lines your roots – these are the hollow structures that make up the lowest portion of your tooth. Pulp houses nerves and blood vessels, keeping your tooth alive and healthy. Sadly, the pulp will not heal, so we must remove it. Fortunately, even without dental pulp, your tooth may remain standing in your smile.

Question: Can’t you just remove my tooth?

Answer: We only remove teeth when absolutely necessary. Your tooth actually helps keep your teeth aligned and your jawbone healthy – removing it will result in an open space and the need for costly tooth replacement.

Question: I’m afraid of root canal therapy, though – won’t it hurt?

Answer: No, your treatment will be comfortable. First, we will numb the tooth and the tissue around that tooth so you do not feel any discomfort. Next, we offer sedation dentistry options. If you require additional numbing or are simply too anxious, we can accommodate your needs, so you enjoy your visit.


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