Are you ready to learn more about dental bonding? If you are worried about the appearance of your smile because of small issues like chips, this cosmetic solution may be just what the dentist ordered. Rest assured, we understand that like many patients, you may feel extremely concerned about what will be involved when it comes to improving your smile. If you struggle with minor imperfections, bonding can quickly and effectively address the issues you dislike to help you reach your smile goals. Learn more about how bonding may offer you long-term improvement for the stunning smile you desire.

Think You Need Braces? Perhaps Not

Patients suffering from one or more gaps between their teeth often assume they will need orthodontic treatment to improve their smiles. Fortunately, we can address small spaces with bonding. We will simply fill the opening between your teeth with composite – a synthetic resin material color-matched to your teeth – so your teeth look like they touch.

Disappointed In A Couple Short Teeth? Think Again

You may feel sad about your smile because one tooth or a few teeth are shorter than the rest. Before you assume you are simply stuck with the length of your teeth as it stands, think again. We may add the appearance of tissue to the end of your teeth, so they look longer. The result? An even smile line and a uniform smile.

Assuming You Need Veneers? Consider Bonding

If you suffer from a variety of dental imperfections you may assume immediately that you will need veneers. This can become problematic for patients who simply want a quick fix or who are not ready to make the investment required of veneers. Dental bonding can address many concerns, which means you may find that veneers are not necessary for you just yet. Bonding may improve the following:

  • Small chips that do not affect the health of your teeth
  • It may cover small cracks in your teeth
  • We may camouflage severe staining with bonding


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