One of the most difficult forms of dental damage to deal with is tooth loss. Not only do you have to adjust to a smile with open spaces that may cause you embarrassment and a tendency to back out of social engagements – but you may also find yourself struggling with daily tasks you once enjoyed without a second thought. Rather than continuing to hide your teeth, while wrestling with chewing uncomfortably and trying to speak clearly, we encourage you to find out whether dentures may offer you the improved daily quality of life you deserve. Read ahead:

Denture Fast Facts

  • Dentures are not for any particular age group – they offer an appropriate solution to patients of all ages. Though you may assume they are large and overwhelming, modern dentures of today are actually lightweight, comfortable, and natural looking.
  • Dentures are not only for complete tooth loss, though they certainly provide a wonderful tooth replacement solution to edentulous patients (or those missing all of their teeth). We also offer partial dentures, which address partial tooth loss.
  • Dentures provide a versatile option within the world of prosthetics because they are quick to create, so you can achieve an improvement without the need for a long wait. Also, because they rely on the natural suction created within your mouth, they are well suited to patients dealing with a variety of dental problems, from jaw deterioration to natural teeth too weak to support other devices like dental bridges.
  • A complete denture includes a full series of artificial teeth supported in a pink acrylic base – you will wear the denture over your top or bottom dental ridge to complete your smile.
  • A partial denture is built similarly with replacement teeth supported in pink acrylic to signify your gum tissue. However, this device also includes metal clasps that gain support when placed over your remaining natural teeth.
  • Dentures will provide you with the ability to regain daily comfort, a beautifully complete smile, effective chewing habits, and the ability to speak clearly.


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