You probably know that if we find a cavity in your tooth, we are going to suggest you return to see us as soon as possible for a filling. But have you ever asked yourself why you need this restorative treatment? Do you avoid scheduling your visit partly because you can think of a long list of more exciting things to do with your time and partly because ignoring your cavity does not seem like a decision that may end in disaster? When it comes to the benefits of dental fillings, we feel quite strongly about ensuring our patients are educated and knowledgeable. The sooner you visit us to fill your tooth, the greater your chances of protecting your long-term oral health, while avoiding some serious (and completely preventable) complications. Learn more:

Benefit #1: Decay Removal

Understanding the benefits of fillings means you need to understand why you need the treatment. First, your cavity formed as a result of plaque. When this sticky, bacteria-filled substance adheres to your teeth, it eats away at your tooth tissue. Eventually, so much tissue is gone that it gives way to a small hole. The first part of a dental filling removes the decayed tissue and cleans the opening to prepare it for repair.

Benefit #2: Treating A Cavity Prevents Problems

The cavity in your tooth is not going to stop growing – it will also not heal itself. Tooth decay is progressive, which means it keeps getting worse. This may result in a very large, deep cavity that greatly compromises your tooth, potentially leading to breakage. Your cavity may also provide entrance for bacteria, which, when they come into contact with the dental pulp deep within your tooth, will result in infection. To avoid the need for complex care like root canal therapy or the need for a dental crown, say, “yes” to a filling.

Benefit #3: Fillings Repair Tooth Structure

The next part of your filling includes the physical repair of your damaged structure. In addition to removing the decayed tissue, we will fill the opening with a sturdy material – either composite or amalgam. Replacing the tissue restores the structural integrity of your tooth, so you can use it to its full function again, while chewing and speaking in comfort.


Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris of Mansfield Dental Associates rely upon their years of experience, training, and cutting-edge technology to offer patients expert dental care at each and every visit. They listen to each patient’s concerns and offer gentle, informative guidance about future treatments. If you would like to schedule a consultation, call (817) 473-6227. Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris proudly treat patients from Mansfield, South Arlington, Kennedale, Southeast Ft. Worth, Alvarado, Midlothian and neighboring areas.