If you suffer from extreme snoring and have recently found out that sleep apnea also affects your nightly rest, you may assume this is a problem that primarily impacts your own life. However, we encourage you to consider how sleep apnea affects relationships in your life. Even patients who are currently single may assume since they are not waking up a significant other, the problem is solely their own but this is simply not the case. Learn more about how treatment may help you protect your connections with other people in your life:

Second-Hand Symptoms

For those of you who currently have a significant other sleeping next to you every night, you need to think about the main event that wakes you up each night and how that affects your partner. Every time you wake up gasping or choking for air, the person sleeping next to you likely wake up, too. If that’s hundreds of times per night that you’re waking up – it’s hundreds of sleep interruptions to the person next to you. The common symptoms of sleep apnea will affect you both, potentially including headaches, moodiness, trouble concentrating, and exhaustion. Seeking treatment may protect the daily comfort of both you and your partner.

You Have Co-Workers, Families, and Friends

You interact with people quite often in your life. Sometimes it’s someone you’re close with, like a family member or friend. Sometimes those people rely on you for work or projects, particularly in your career. Perhaps you are raising children and have other lives to consider every single day. When you are fatigued, moody, and uncomfortable, your relationships may suffer. You may find that others don’t understand your quickness to anger. Your work may not be up to par because you cannot focus. Making it through your daily errands may even become problematic. Sleep apnea affects relationships by turning you into an exhausted person. Seek treatment today to protect your connection with those you care about most.


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