We find that people often fail to recognize the many benefits of dentures. While we understand patients tend to have preconceived notions about this dental prosthetic solution, we encourage you to have an open mind. First and foremost, this teeth replacement option can greatly improve your current comfort and long-term oral health. You’ll find that you regain your confidence in your appearance, too. Wondering what’s so wonderful about full and partial dentures? Look ahead:

Benefit #1: You Can Quickly Restore Your Smile

We will provide you with custom-fitted dentures that will restore the structure and beauty of your smile within a short amount of time. This solution is budget-friendly and can replace many teeth – even all of your teeth – with ease. You may choose partial dentures if you are missing some of your teeth but still have healthy natural teeth remaining. Or, you may select full dentures to replace a full arch – or both arches – of teeth.

Benefit #2: You Can Chew and Speak Comfortably Again

Your teeth are incredibly important to your daily life. In addition to feeling confident about smiling at others, you will regain your ability to speak articulately, whether over the phone or face-to-face. In addition, replacing your teeth will let you indulge in a wider variety of foods for improved nutrition and the ability to enjoy food again.

Benefit #3: Your Lower Face Sags without Teeth

The lower portion of your face enjoys a full appearance because of the support that your teeth and gum tissue beneath provide. When you are missing many teeth, the lower portion of your face may appear to droop and may sink inward toward your mouth. Restore your smile with dentures and you will see the years disappear from your face. 


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