How much do you know about the dental filling we suggest for you when you develop a cavity? Do you immediately feel hesitant to schedule your next appointment? Have you heard us mention the word “composite” but you aren’t quite sure what that means? While nobody feels overjoyed to experience tooth decay, we encourage you to learn more about the benefits of composite fillings. Immediately addressing your cavity with this solution, which is considered both cosmetic and restorative, will lead you quickly back toward excellent oral health as well as a restored appearance. Learn more about how white fillings can come to the rescue for a positive feeling about this service.

Fillings Protect Your Oral Health

This is why we consider composite fillings a restorative treatment. When you suffer from a cavity, your tooth tissue has decayed, leaving your tooth vulnerable to bacterial infection. You may experience heightened sensitivity and your tooth becomes more likely to break. During a filling, we will numb your tooth and surrounding tissues. We will then remove the decayed tissue, clean out the opening, and fill it with composite.

Composite Is An Incredible Material

Made out of synthetic resin, composite offers a variety of wonderful benefits. We can shape composite into any shape we desire, so it easily fills an opening within your tooth, whether you suffer from a small or large cavity. Because it bonds directly to your tooth tissue – which amalgam, also known as metal, does not – you can expect long-term wear and a reduced chance of tooth fractures. Filling your tooth with this material also helps promote long-term structural integrity because we will need to remove only a small portion of its tissue in preparation.

White Fillings Are Beautiful

We call them white fillings or “tooth-colored fillings” because composite is also color customizable, making this a wonderful cosmetic solution as well. We will match the color of your filling to the surrounding tooth tissue for a beautiful, undetectable finish.


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