While your whole body is a marvel, your teeth and other oral structures are especially interesting. Not only are they the strongest and most-used parts of your body, but under the right circumstances, they can also be the most vulnerable. Keeping your teeth clean by brushing and flossing them twice a day (at least) helps, but they require more than daily scrubbing to stay strong and healthy, like an adequate supply of minerals and nutrients. Fortunately, most of the foods that strengthen and sustain your teeth are found in a typical, well-balanced diet. The trick is to make sure that the healthy foods outweigh the substances that could prove harmful to your dental health.

How to Feed Your Teeth Properly

  • Eat calcium and phosphate—Green vegetables, lean meats (like chicken, beef, and turkey), and most dairy products contain a wealth of calcium and phosphate, both of which are vital to your teeth’s wellbeing. The enamel, or outer layer, of your teeth is almost entirely comprised of mineral crystals, many of which must be obtained from your diet.
  • Take care with sugar and starches—You might be familiar with the warning against sugar causing cavities, but starches and other carbohydrates are equally as dangerous. Oral bacteria, found in dental plaque, consume these nutrients and convert them into acids that destroy tooth enamel, making tooth decay and cavities possible.
  • Drink water more often—It isn’t just good for your body. Water is a natural defense against oral bacteria and plaque buildup, and neutralizes the acids that these bacteria produce. Drinking enough of it also helps you maintain a healthy flow of saliva, which is made mostly of water and helps periodically rinse your mouth throughout the day.


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