What comes to mind when you hear the words “root canal”? Thanks to rumor and misinformation, many people have a poor idea of what this safe and comfortable procedure actually involves. In reality, root canal therapy is vital for protecting the health and integrity of your smile in the event of an infection or dental abscess.

Root Canal Therapy Quiz

1. True or False: This procedure is often recommended for addressing dental infection.

2. True or False: Patients may experience multiple symptoms of an infection.

3. True or False: A root canal involves removing infected tissue.

4. True or False: The tooth will receive a restoration so it looks natural.

Answer Key

1. True. A tooth becomes infected when decay or damage allows bacteria to reach the inner pulp. Your pulp is a bundle of living tissue that keeps the tooth alive and healthy. Without treatment, an infection can cause the tooth to require extraction to prevent the spread of infection to the jawbone or surrounding teeth.

2. True. Common symptoms of a dental infection or abscess include toothaches, tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, swelling around the tooth, fever, and pain when biting down or chewing. Patients may also report a foul tasting discharge.

3. True. During a root canal treatment, we will administer a local anesthetic and open the tooth. After removing the infected tissue, the tooth and the roots will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. We will then place a restorative filling.

4. True. To completely restore the tooth, we will place a lifelike dental crown over the visible portion. This preserves the remaining structure and prevents further decay or infection.


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