Be honest: When was the last time you or your family had a checkup? Routine dental exams are crucial for maintaining healthy, attractive smiles. Without them, you could miss the early signs of common dental issues, allowing problems to progress and endanger your smile.

Frequently Asked Questions About Checkups

Question: What does a checkup involve?

Answer: A checkup involves the doctor carefully examining the teeth and gums for any indicators of health problems. Using digital x-rays, we can take detailed images and view them immediately, using less radiation and no lengthy developing. Intraoral cameras also provide a clear view of a patient’s teeth and gums. This technology enables us to see signs of diabetes, hormonal changes, deficiencies, and early signs of tooth decay and gum disease. If you need to schedule a checkup, please contact our office today.

Question: How often do I need an exam?

Answer: The American Dental Association recommends a thorough exam at least once every six months. If you are at risk of periodontal disease or cavities, your dentist may request more frequent visits.

Question: Does an examination include an oral cancer screening?

Answer: Yes. Our doctors can perform a visual scan for any signs of oral cancer. Identifying this serious health issue in the early stages increases the chances of a full recovery.

Question: Do children need exams too?

Answer: Yes. Like adults, children over the age of three need an exam once every six months. Checkups allow the child to become accustomed to the sights and sounds of the office, reducing dental anxiety and instill good habits. This can put your child on the path towards a lifetime of good oral health.


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