The power of a beautiful, bright smile is indisputable. It enhances one’s self-confidence and positive self-image. A dazzling white smile exudes youthfulness and health. Many patients are curious about how to prevent stains on their teeth in order to maintain whiter teeth. One of the simplest methods to retain lighter teeth is to be mindful of what you eat and drink. Many well-loved foods and drinks easily stain teeth. Your Mansfield dentists Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris are devoted to patient education, and they would like to inform their patients which foods and drinks are the most common culprits of teeth stains.

  • Coffee and Tea: Regular consumption of coffee or tea can stain teeth. In addition, they also tend to dry out your mouth, limiting your saliva flow. Because a healthy amount of saliva helps your teeth protect themselves from the harmful effects of bacteria, a reduction in saliva can increase your chances of developing cavities.
  • Soda: Soda can yellow teeth over time due to its acidity. Soda is also harmful to our overall dental health. Just one can of soda alone contains 9 teaspoons of sugar. The bacteria in our mouth thrive upon the sugars that remain on our teeth and produce an acid byproduct. This acid byproduct will eat through the enamel, the top layer of our teeth. This creates a hole, also known as a cavity.
  • Red Wine: Red wine is an acidic drink and can stain teeth.
  • Berries, Cherries, Grapes: These and other colorful fruits stain teeth as do their juices.
  • Tomato Sauce, Soy Sauce, Curry Sauce: Most experts suspect that sauces such as these can lead to teeth staining.
  • Gums and Hard Candies: Gums, popsicles, and hard candies contain artificial coloring agents that can stain teeth but only if consumed on a regular basis.

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