A new study from the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry studied the theory that wine, grape seed extract, and polyphenols can slow bacterial growth in the mouth. If this theory is supported, red wine may one day be a part of a cavity-fighting product. Your Mansfield dentists, Dr. Blair Jones and Dr. Seth Harris, will discuss how cavities form and the potential repercussions of this study.

How Cavities Form

Our mouth contains over 700 strains of bacteria. When we eat, the bacteria thrive off the sugars and starches from the food, and they form a sticky plaque that clings to our teeth. This bacteria produce an acid that eats through the hard, white coating on the outside of our teeth, the enamel. This can eventually create a hole in the tooth called a cavity. The first sensation of pain usually occurs when eating or drinking very cold or very hot foods or eating sweet foods. Brushing, flossing, drinking fluoridated water, and using mouthwashes can help to prevent cavities. Maintaining regular dental cleanings at Mansfield Dental Associates is also highly beneficial because the hygienists will remove plaque and tartar in hard to reach places.

What This Study Could Mean To You

The researchers of the study grew cultures of bacteria that lead to tooth decay in the form of a biofilm. They then exposed the biofilms to different liquids such as red wine, red wine without alcohol, red wine spiked with grape see extract, and water with 12 percent ethanol. The red wine with or without alcohol and the red wine with grape seed extract proved to be more successful at stopping or killing the bacteria than the water mixture. This may mean that red wine could potentially be used to create cavity-fighting products with fewer unpleasant side effects. In the case of mouthwashes, many people complain of their side effects and stop using them before they have fully benefitted from them. This study could help to generate natural products that fight tooth decay with limited side effects.

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