A root canal treatment focuses on the inside of the tooth. Root canal treatments remove inflamed, infected tissues from the root canals and inner area of the tooth. Deep tooth decay, repeated dental procedures on the tooth, and cracks or chips in the tooth can allow bacteria to enter its inner chamber, or pulp, and cause inflammation or infection of the nerves and blood vessels it holds. Internal tooth injuries can also cause pulp problems even if the tooth has no obvious external damage, such as a crack or chip. If the inflammation or infection is not treated, it can become painful, especially if an abscess develops. During the root canal procedure, Dr. Blair Jones and Dr. Seth Harris of Mansfield Dental will remove the infected pulp and clean the tooth’s interior. Once the tooth is sanitized, they will fill the root’s canal with a sealer paste called gutta percha. If needed, our doctors will then place a crown over the tooth to reinstate its function and protect it from further damage.


If your tooth has infected or inflamed pulp tissue, you may suffer severe pain when you chew or apply pressure to your teeth. You may also experience tooth sensitivity or discomfort with hot or cold temperatures. Sometimes, you may notice that your tooth is darkening, or that your gums are red and inflamed. If you notice pimple-like dot on your gums, an abscess (pocket of infected pus) may have formed on the tooth’s root, and it may need draining in addition to root canal therapy. Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris strongly recommend sticking to a strict schedule of routine dental check ups in case a tooth infection does not cause any obvious signs.

Children and Root Canals

Sometimes, young children can prematurely lose their baby teeth or their young permanent teeth when the living tissue inside the tooth becomes infected. Retaining primary teeth is important because they prepare the jawbone for the developing permanent teeth that will replace them. Premature tooth loss can inhibit the proper development of their mouths and can lead to functional issues including regularities in their jaw and/or teeth alignment (malocclusion). In addition, permanent tooth replacement options, such as dental implants, are not usually recommended for children, because they’re oral structures are still growing and changing. Therefore, a root canal procedure may be recommended to save your child’s tooth if it’s damaged or suffers severe tooth decay.

About Our Doctors

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