Have you had your six-month checkup? Many people put off their checkups because they view them as minor procedures that won’t hurt to miss. However, checkups provide one of the few opportunities to be screened for oral cancer. Mansfield TX dentists, Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris, discuss the importance of undergoing routine oral cancer screenings.

Mansfield TX Oral Cancer Quiz

1. True or False: Over 42,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer each year.

2. True or False: Your Mansfield TX dentist offers oral cancer screenings during a checkup.

3. True or False: There are multiple symptoms of oral cancer to watch for.

4. True or False: A number of risk factors increase your chances of developing oral cancer.

Answer Key

1. True. In addition, at least one person will die every hour as a result of oral cancer. The mortalities rates are so high due to the fact that oral cancer usually isn’t discovered until the late stages, reducing the chances of a full recovery.

2. True. To catch oral cancer early and boost your of odds of recovering, you need to have an oral cancer screening. During a checkup, we will examine your mouth for any signs of oral cancer. By having a checkup twice a year, you allow your Mansfield TX dentist to perform a thorough screening once every six months.

3. True. Common symptoms of oral cancer include the appearance of white spots or splotches in the mouth. You may also notice something similar to a canker sore, but one that doesn’t heal after 14 days. Other signs include difficulty swallowing, discomfort when chewing, hoarseness, oral numbness, and rough patches in the mouth. If you notice one or more of these symptoms, then schedule an appointment with your Mansfield TX dentist right away for a screening.

4. True. Age, alcohol consumption, smoking, and viral infections are all risk factors for the onset of oral cancer.

Questions about Oral Cancer Screenings in Mansfield, TX? To undergo a thorough screening for oral cancer, schedule an appointment with Dr. Jones or Dr. Harris, contact our office at (817) 259-1357. We welcome patients living in Midlothian, Alvarado, South Arlington, Kennedale, and the neighboring communities.