First, the good news: porcelain veneers offer a reliable way for a skilled cosmetic dentist to correct a wide range of esthetic flaws and help you achieve the kind of beautiful smile you imagined. Now, the bad news: some patients may not make good candidates for the procedure. Today, we’re discussing a few issues that could interfere with qualifying for porcelain veneers.

People with Tooth Decay

Whether a tooth shows signs of tooth decay known as demineralization or has a full blown cavity, your dentist will not place a veneer over compromised enamel. That would be a bit like nailing a poster up over a patch of dry rotted wall: sure it looks better, but the underlying structural issues will only continue to worsen in the long run. Prior to placing veneers (or performing any cosmetic dental procedure), your dentist will develop a treatment plan meant to bring your smile up to its optimal health level.

People with Gingivitis

This early stage of gum disease is characterized by irritated gums that bleed easily and have receded somewhat from the teeth. Placing veneers on a patient with gingivitis could end up with two undesirable results:

  1. Bleeding or swollen gums will interfere with the impression process, resulting in veneers that don’t fit very well.
  2. If the gingivitis goes untreated, the gums will continue to recede and reveal the margin of the veneer. If the gingivitis is treated, the gum line could look uneven once it reattaches to the tooth surface.

If your dentist diagnoses you with gingivitis, he will probably recommend improving your brushing and flossing at home and augmenting it with a chlorhexadine mouthwash or antibiotic therapy.

People Who Grind their Teeth

Bruxism, a condition characterized by chronic teeth grinding, usually affects people dealing with anxiety, prolonged stress, or malocclusion (a bad bite). Although porcelain veneers offer a high degree of strength, the excessive wear and tear inherent in a bruxer’s mouth can create chips and fractures in the veneer. Often, you dentist may recommend an alternate treatment plan (for instance, clear braces and teeth whitening) to achieve similar results to porcelain veneers.

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