The earliest known replacements for teeth date back to approximately 2500 B.C. when some ingenious would-be dentist thought to substitute animal teeth (usually from dogs or wolves) for those lost to tooth decay and infection. Throughout the years, people used anything and everything to restore missing teeth, including wood, ivory, and teeth extracted from human cadavers. Thankfully, dentists Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris offer more appealing options for full and partial dentures in Mansfield TX. To truly appreciate how dentures can benefit people, we need to dispel some common myths about partial and full dentures.

MYTH: “Everyone will know that I’m wearing dentures.”

Proper fit and care eliminate many of the tell-tale signs of wearing dentures. At Mansfield Dental Associates, we take great care in measuring, shaping, and creating your dentures to ensure a perfect fit. As a result, you will not experience slipping or clicking while you speak or eat. Some patients wonder whether dentures will show stains or cause bad breath. Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris point out that preventing these problems is as simple as caring for your own teeth. A daily regimen of brushing and flossing supplemented with regular dental cleanings promotes a healthy, bright smile.

MYTH: “Wearing dentures will make it difficult to speak clearly.”

As we mentioned earlier, properly fitted dentures are comfortable and secure. Although it is natural to go through a period of adjustment, eventually you will find that you are not even aware of your dentures. You can speak with confidence knowing that your teeth are firmly in place. You may even discover a new love of conversation and public speaking. At the very least, you will no longer hesitate to speak your mind and engage others. If you notice that your dentures become uncomfortable or start to interfere with your speech, our dentists will examine your mouth and take measurements to make any necessary adjustments.

MYTH: “Wearing dentures means never going to the dentist.”

As with your own teeth, dentures are not immune to plaque, stains, and cracks or chips. Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris recommend that you continue to schedule regular appointments for cleaning and preventive care. Doing so protects your dentures and safeguards against infections, damage, and bad breath. In some cases, you may need to have adjustments to your full or partial dentures to accommodate changes in your gum tissue or tooth alignment. If you follow these recommendations, your dentures will continue to maintain their attractiveness and effectiveness.

Obtaining dentures is both an important decision and an investment in your health and happiness. Contact our office at 817-473-6227 for an initial consultation, a second opinion, or to inquire about our cosmetic or restorative dentistry services. Our Patient Connect 365 services makes it easier than ever to track your scheduled appointments, which we provide for residents of Fort Worth, Arlington, Kennedale, Alvarado and nearby communities.