Recognizing the value that smiles have in social situations, your Mansfield TX dentists, Dr. Blair Jones and Dr. Seth Harris, strive to take good care of their patients’ smiles. As a tool of social interaction, a smile can communicate quite a lot. It can exude welcome, flirtation, joy, humor, submission, or even aggression. But did you know that your smile may give an indication as to your longevity and the success of your marriage? Many researchers study smiles, and some of their newest findings have revealed a correlation between the type of smile worn most frequently by people and longevity and divorce rates.

Researchers generally divide smiles into two broad categories known as Duchenne and non-Duchenne smiles. These categories are named after a French neurologist named Duchenne de Boulogne, who made the first forays into the scientific study of smiles. Distinguishing between the two smile types is simple. One must simply take into consideration the muscles used to produce the smile as well as the intent behind the smile. A Duchenne smile is an expression of joy, and the muscles surrounding the eyes are involved in producing one. A non-Duchenne smile is a smile of appeasement, and it does not involve the muscles around the eyes. You can probably guess, then, that the Duchenne smile has been associated with lower divorce rates and greater longevity.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Your Smile

Oftentimes the difference between a Duchenne smile and a non-Duchenne smile is a matter of confidence. For example, if you are embarrassed by the appearance of your teeth, you are not likely to show them off in a genuine expression of joy. Therefore, cosmetic dentistry can prove very valuable in bringing Duchenne smiles to people’s faces. Through a variety of cosmetic procedures including teeth whitening treatment and porcelain veneers, your Mansfield TX dentists, Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris, can bring genuine, joy-filled smiles to their patients’ faces, giving them the self-confidence to show off their teeth and the ability to express positive emotions without embarrassment.

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