Oftentimes, people who grind their teeth are unaware that they do so. Because bruxism sufferers tend to grind their teeth during sleep, they are often unaware of the dental damage occuring. Teeth grinding weakens teeth by forcing them to slide against one another, eventually robbing them of enamel and putting them at risk of breaking. Bruxism also strains the jaw, which may lead to headaches, facial pain, jaw pain, migraines and earaches, all symptoms of a TMJ disorder. With so much potential damage, your Mansfield TX dentists, Dr. Blair Jones and Dr. Seth Harris, make it a priority to examine their patients’ teeth for any signs of bruxism during dental cleanings. Should they find these signs, they may recommend a dental mouthguard to prevent teeth from suffering any further damage as a result of bruxism.

Dental Mouthguard Q & A

Q: What is a dental mouthguard?

A: A dental mouthguard is a device that is meant to be worn over teeth during the night. It looks very similar to a sports mouthguard, but it is thinner and is custom made to hold firmly in place.

Q: Do dental mouthguards make it difficult to sleep?

A: On occasion, patients report difficulty sleeping while they are still adjusting to wearing a dental mouthguard. However, very soon, wearing the mouthguard becomes a habit and does not interfere with sleep at all. For this reason, if you experience difficulty sleeping with your mouthguard, you may try wearing it for an extended period of time during the day to grow accustomed to it. If you still have problems, be sure to mention them to your Mansfield TX dentists, Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris.

Q: How do dental mouthguards protect teeth?

A: A dental mouthguard protects teeth from bruxism by preventing the teeth of the upper and lower jaws from coming into contact with one another. The presence of the mouthguard keeps space between the teeth, which in turn lessens the force that bruxism creates.

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