Tooth decay is a serious matter. If untreated, a tooth can be severely damaged and even die as a result of the decay. Before that unhappy conclusion, however, a dental filling can be placed to repair the tooth and prevent further decay. Your Mansfield TX dentists, Dr. Blair Jones and Dr. Seth Harris, utilize the latest technology to offer their patients metal-free fillings. Made of a composite resin material that is tooth-colored, these white fillings are great for patients with mercury sensitivities, as traditional amalgam fillings contain small amounts of mercury and white fillings do not. White fillings also offer superior cosmetic results, blending in rather than standing out, yet they are still very strong, enabling them to protect teeth from harm.

The Importance of Dental Fillings

Being familiar with the aesthetic benefits of white fillings is great, but the more important aspect of a dental filling is its role in protecting a tooth. Tooth decay is the work of harmful oral bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria attach themselves to teeth in the form of plaque (a sticky film). Plaque can be removed through brushing and flossing so that the bacteria are unable to damage teeth. However, it is important that you brush and floss thoroughly because within 48 hours, plaque will harden into tartar, a substance that cannot be removed with the homecare tools at your disposal.

While a hygienist can remove tartar from your teeth during a dental cleaning, it is best to prevent tartar from building on your teeth altogether. The bacteria responsible for this substance will feed on sugar in the mouth and give off an acid byproduct that can strip the enamel from teeth. As the damage builds, a cavity will begin to form. An untreated cavity will only worsen, with bacteria threatening to access and infect the tooth’s pulp, which can put the entire tooth in peril of dying. Before that unsavory conclusion, however, your Mansfield TX dentists, Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris, can place a dental filling to restore your teeth and halt the progression of tooth decay.

Dental Filings from Your Mansfield TX Dentists

Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris seek to restore and protect their patients’ teeth with the latest technology available. The white fillings they offer are less likely to shrink than amalgam fillings, making them a good long-term solution to tooth decay. They also offer great cosmetic results for dental fillings that do not draw the eye but blend in with the tooth itself.

About Dr. Blair Jones and Dr. Seth Harris

Dr. Blair Jones and Dr. Seth Harris share the same vision and philosophy when it comes to patient care. Each seeks to build relationships based on trust and communication and strives to offer the latest technology for the best possible dental care.