When you’re talking about restorative dental procedures, getting a cavity filled is a rather mild ailment. In fact, most Americans have at least one filled cavity and depending upon their age, the filling material may vary. Today, composite resin is the most popular dental filling material due to it’s color-matching abilities. However, about 30 years ago, silver fillings dominated the market.

In the following article, your Mansfield, TX dentist, Dr. S. Blair Jones, shares the varying costs of dental filling materials.

What Will a Filling Cost You?

  • Amalgam. Before the silver versus white filling debate began, dentists chose amalgam dental fillings to correct cavities. This material is durable and helps the tooth regain its strength and integrity with ease.
    On average, a silver filling costs between $50 and $150 for one or two dental surfaces. However, the price increases to the $120 to $300 range, if three or more surfaces require a filling. The good news is that dental insurance covers a majority of the cost since a filling is considered a necessary procedure.
  • Composite resin. Using tooth colored fillings is by far the most popular method for filling cavities nowadays. With composite resin, patients can disguise how many fillings they’ve actually had.
    As per the price tag, patients can expect to pay $90 to $250 for up-to two surfaces; three or more surfaces can cost as much as $450. Though white fillings usually classify as cosmetic, many dental insurance companies have started to pay for a portion of white fillings. In some cases, in some insurance covers as much as 80% of composite fillings. To learn what your insurance pays, your
    Mansfield, TX dentist can inform you during the appointment.
  • Inlays and onlays. For cavities that were a bit too deep to withstand just dental filling, a dentist places an inlay or an onlay. These tend to cost most because they require specialized manufacturing. Porcelain or cast-gold inlays and onlays cost about the same—roughly $250 up-to $4,500 depending upon the needs of the patient. As with the composite resin fillings, though, insurance covers up-to 80% of the cost.

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