Gum disease (or periodontitis) isn’t a black and white disease; its development and progression is easily affected by a number of internal factors. Since it’s such a tricky disease to suppress after it reaches a certain point, dentists try to keep patients vigilant of the signs. Furthermore, periodontitis has varying degrees, which sometimes make treatment difficult.

To inform his patients on the different types of gum disease, Dr. S. Blair Jones, your Manfield, TX dentist, provides the following blog.

The Different Faces of Periodontitis

  • Aggressive periodontitis. This type of gum disease is often seen in patients who generally have sound overall health. With aggressive periodontitis, patients tend to endure rapid bone loss and tooth detachment. Oftentimes, aggressive periodontitis stems from a genetic predisposition; although, pregnant woman can also experience aggressive periodontitis. If you have a particular predisposition to periodontitis, take care to visit your Manfield, TX dentist frequently.
  • Chronic periodontitis. Patients with chronic periodontitis, don’t experience the same rapid progression than those with aggressive periodontitis do. Typically, if you’re suffering from chronic periodontitis, it developed from gingivitis. Though chronic periodontitis still causes tooth and bone loss, the progression occurs at a much more manageable rate. In other words, a dentist can treat this type of periodontitis much more effectively.
  • Periodontitis as part of systemic disease. A systemic disease is one that affects the organs, such as: the heart, lungs, and pancreas. Patients with heart disease, respiratory disease, and diabetes have an increased risk of developing periodontitis, also.
  • Necrotizing periodontal disease. Auto-immune infections like HIV or bodily conditions like malnutrition can cause periodontitis. These ailments tend to leave open sores on the body—and in the mouth—which can become infected. Those oral infections usually cause periodontitis.

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