Cancer affects countless lives throughout the world everyday. As the types of this disease continue to develop, going to doctor has become a crucial and unavoidable task. Much like visiting the doctor for the presence of other cancers, oral cancer requires a dental visit. With just two dental appointments a year, Dr. S. Blair Jones, your Mansfield, TX general dentist has the knowledge and expertise to detect oral cancer before it progresses.

Every Year, Twice a Year

Like many other common cancers, such as prostate or breast, oral cancer can become a lethal illness. Initially, oral cancer isn’t a particularly aggressive disease; however, the signs tend to become ignored. When this happens, the disease has an opportunity to worsen and spread. Unfortunately, by the time it’s finally discovered, treatment doesn’t prove as effective.

Avoiding oral cancer is quite simple, though. By visiting your general dentist in Mansfield, TX you can maintain vigilant of oral cancer. With bi-annual checkups, the dentist can easily discover the disease while it’s a mild case. Followed by immediate treatment, many patients have full recoveries and can resume their normal lives—illness-free.

Oral Cancer Signs to Watch For

Oral cancer has a number of telltale signs. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, take care to visit Dr. Jones as soon as possible. Signs include:

  • Red or white patches on the tongue
  • Sores or blisters in the mouth that won’t heal
  • Oral bleeding
  • Persistent throat pain or difficulty swallowing
  • Constant earaches and headaches
  • Rapid, inexplicable weight loss

Additionally, patients that smoke or consume alcohol heavily have an increased chance of developing oral cancer. Factors such as age, a family history of the illness, and even excessive sun exposure can increase one’s risk of oral cancer. To ensure your oral health isn’t compromised, visit your general dentist in Mansfield, TX for routine screenings.

Mansfield Dental Associates Screens for Oral Cancer

Maintaining sound oral health includes visiting the dentist for oral cancer screenings. Your Mansfield, TX general dentist has the expert skill to detect the illness and begin treatment immediately. To schedule an appointment, call our Mansfield office at (817) 259-1357. You can also schedule appointments through our website, and review the additional services we offer. We proudly treat patients from Mansfield, South Arlington, Kennedale, Southeast Ft. Worth, Alvarado, Midlothian and neighboring areas.