Tooth loss can get pretty ugly after a while. As teeth begin to fall, a once perfect row can start to look like a fence that was hit by a tornado. Large gaps can form, causing difficulty chewing and exposing the gums and the sides of teeth to bacteria, which can prompt more decay and further tooth loss. Amidst all this, self-esteem can suffer and quality of life can take a serious decline. Eating, smiling, and speech all become difficult, for various reasons, and life turns into a struggle.

Talk about a downward spiral. But is there a way out of that kind of tailspin? Absolutely. A partial denture can restore the appearance and functionality of teeth while helping to protect natural teeth and the gums from further damage. Here to discuss partial dentures are your Mansfield dentists, Dr. Blair Jones and Dr. Seth Harris.

Partial Dentures in Mansfield

When performing a restoration with a partial denture, your Mansfield dentists, Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris, will take the remaining healthy teeth into account in order to provide a well-fitting and functional restoration. The restoration will help with speech as well as eating, and it will decrease the likelihood or tooth decay and gum disease. The partial denture will fill in any gaps in your smile and restore both your teeth and your confidence.

Securing Partial Dentures with Dental Implants

In many cases a partial denture can be secured with a dental implant, a device that is placed into the jawbone by means of a titanium post. A restoration that is secured with dental implants will feel more natural because the prosthetics will be supported by the jaw and not the gums or surrounding teeth. The stability provided by the dental implants will also inspire confidence when eating tough foods.

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