Dental checkups typically occur once every six months. Assessing patients’ dental health twice yearly enables dentists to detect any problem areas and develop treatment plans. Dentists or hygienists usually administer blood pressure tests to patients. Testing blood pressure in dental offices occurs for a number of reasons. Mansfield dentists, Drs. Jones and Harris, outline the reasons behind dental blood pressure tests.

Detecting Problems with Blood Pressure Tests

Many patients visit their dentist without expectation of learning about overall health problems. However, thanks to blood pressure tests administered during dental visits, hypertension detection can occur. Many patients visit their dentist more frequently than their primary care physician. Often, dental hygienists provide the first diagnosis of hypertension for patients.

The American Heart Association defines blood pressure exceeding 140/90 as a qualification for hypertension. Strokes, heart attacks, and congestive heart failure can all associate with hypertension. According to the AHA, hypertension-related ailments rank as the number one leading cause of death in the United States. Smoking, poor nutrition, stress, and obesity can all contribute to hypertension.

Dental Importance of Detecting Hypertension

Patients diagnosed with hypertension require special monitoring during complex dental procedures. In some cases, patients carry an increased risk of stroke during operations. Additionally, certain local anesthetics can pose risks to patients with hypertension.

Anesthetics containing epinephrine can pose a risk to patients diagnosed with hypertension because a rise in blood pressure could occur.

Many patients come into our office unaware of their high blood pressure. After determining a patient suffers from hypertension, our dentists and hygienists will refer patients to their primary care physician. In many cases, dental hygienists can serve as a sounding board for the importance of maintaining overall health to decrease blood pressure. Dental hygienists and dentists can spread awareness about the dangers of smoking, poor nutrition, and obesity in relation to oral care and overall health.

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