A smile only needs improving if it is unhealthy or if it makes you feel insecure. If you have unhealthy teeth, you may need restorative help to get you back into tip-top shape. If you have a smile that makes you feel insecure, cosmetic dentistry may help get you that confidence boost of a smile. Dental bonding can be a conservative and cost-effective cosmetic option that can alter the size, shape, or appearance of your tooth or teeth. If you have deep stains, chips or cracks, or oddly sized or shaped teeth, dental bonding can address it. 

What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a composite resin that is the same material as that that is used in tooth-colored fillings. The composite resin can be applied directly onto the tooth. The resin is then shaped and sculpted into the desired shape and size. The resin will harden before it is polished to give a natural appearance. Dental bonding looks very natural and can seamlessly blend in with the rest of your smile. It can usually be done by your dentist in a single visit. Dental bonding is one of the more conservative cosmetic treatments, which means that it preserves most of your natural tooth.

Issues That Can Be Addressed

Because dental bonding is applied directly to the enamel of your teeth, it can literally cover most issues that impact the surface of your teeth. Deep intrinsic stains are stains that come from within the tooth and they cannot be removed through a whitening treatment. Cosmetic bonding can cover these types of stains, chips and cracks in the surface of the tooth, small gaps, mishapen teeth, or oddly sized ones.

Is dental bonding an option for your smile?

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