Have you ever left the ‘check engine’ light on your car too long? Maybe it popped up, you ignored it, and then found yourself with a costly repair bill when you finally could ignore it no longer. Regular dental visits is akin to regular oil changes with your car. If you wait for the ‘check engine’ light to come on or if you wait for a toothache to happen, you have missed your opportunity to deal with something early on. Regular visits with your dentist are essential to your oral health and preventing major problems. 

Tooth Decay and Gum Disease Are Progressive

Both tooth decay and gum disease are progressive diseases that do not go away on their own. Neither of them cause much pain or give off any signals that you might detect in their very early stages. Your dentist is trained to look for these very early signals. If tooth decay or gum disease are caught early enough, both are reversible. If they are left without treatment until you start to feel pain, it may be too late. Treatment can happen at a later date, but it is often much more extensive than the preventative care could have been.

Professional Cleanings

Regular visits to your dentist not only give you a chance for a checkup, but it also gives you a chance for your smile to be professionally cleaned. Your dentist or hygienist can remove buildup that you may not be able to remove on your own. They may also notice problem areas or spots that you are missing when you are brushing or flossing. If they notice any of these problems, they can talk to you about how to get more effective with your own care. These cleanings can help prevent oral health problems.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer is deadly at its later stages. This common form of cancer is very treatable in its early form though. Regular visits to your dentist allow for your dentist to screen for oral cancer, which gives you a chance to treat it early.

When was your last dental visit?

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