Dental bonding is a cosmetic treatment that can be minimally invasive, cost-effective, and therefore very efficient at addressing flaws in your teeth. Some flaws in a smile make you feel unique, while other flaws make you feel insecure. Your smile should make you feel confident not insecure. Minor flaws in your smile can be addressed with bonding. Dental bonding is a biocompatible composite-resin, the same material used in fillings. For cosmetic treatments, the bonding material is color-matched, applied to your tooth, shaped, and polished to give a natural tooth-like appearance. It is applied directly to the tooth and can be a long-lasting treatment. 

Closing Small Gaps

Again, a flaw like a small gap may not be a flaw in your eyes; it may be the thing that makes you feel special and unique. However, if your small gap makes you hide your smile, you may want to address it. Bonding material can be applied to one or both of the teeth surrounding a small gap. For larger gaps, porcelain veneers may be recommended.

Reshaping Oddly Shaped or Sized Teeth

Some teeth stand out from the rest of your smile because of their shape or size. Dental bonding can address most of these issues. The results can lead to a more uniform smile with no teeth standing out for the wrong reason.

Covering Discoloration

Some stains are intrinsic or inside the tooth. These types of stains cannot be removed through whitening treatments. Cosmetic bonding can cover up discoloration to get you the desired shade of teeth that you are looking for. If you have one specific tooth that is a different color than the rest, the bonding material can be matched to blend in seamlessly with your smile.

Addressing Damage

Some chips and cracks on broken teeth may be so significant to require a dental crown. But some chips, cracks, or breaks in teeth are minor and can be repaired with dental bonding.

Can cosmetic bonding help your smile?

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