If you start to notice you go less and less time between cavities, your natural defense against tooth decay may have started to falter. This can occur for several reasons. The most obvious steps can be the steps towards improving how well you care for your teeth. However, you can do more than just brush and floss more often, or more carefully. If you want to avoid problems that call for restorative dental care, pay attention to your habits throughout the day. You may be surprised by what changes can benefit you.

1. Make Sure You Are Staying Hydrated

Maintaining good hydration levels makes an important difference in your health. When you fail to do so, one problem you can face is dry mouth. When you suffer this condition, you produce less saliva. This leaves you more vulnerable because saliva acts to defend your teeth throughout the day.

2. Keep Stress Under Control

Stress has a way of attacking a person’s quality of life from a number of different directions, and sometimes in surprising ways. If you find yourself eating more sugary foods, or drinking more coffee to stay active, in order to cope with a period of stress, these new habits can take a toll on your teeth. Everyone can experience moments of stress, but you can manage your response to that stress in ways that limit its effects.

3. Talk To Your Dentist About Sealants

If you need help dealing with an increased cavity threat, you may be a good candidate for dental sealants. Sealants are coated over teeth, typically molars and premolars, which can be harder to keep free of decay. Once applied, sealants operate like barricades, keeping bacteria and debris off of your teeth.

Count On Your Mansfield, TX Dentist To Help You Deal With Your Cavity Risk

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