Small choices we make throughout the day can have consequences that carry over into problems in the long term. Think about what your teeth typically experience – you may not think much of the effect certain foods or drinks have, and you may disregard the importance of individual brushing or flossing episodes. What you need to realize is that certain items can leave stains that build up slowly, and ignoring your need to clean your teeth can allow plaque to harden, and become resilient. General dental visits matter to your teeth, but you should also be working to sustain a high level of oral care between these appointments.

Think About The Beverage Choices You Make Throughout The Day

Dark beverages like coffee, tea, and red wine are recognized as potential threats for discoloring your teeth. Soft drinks can also be trouble, as they can soften your enamel, coat your teeth in harmful sugars, and (if you prefer dark sodas) leave stains. Replacing flavored beverages with water can be helpful regarding your appearance and general oral health. If you are already concerned about how your appearance has changed, you should talk to your dentist about a whitening treatment.

What Are Your Daily Oral Health Care Habits?

Do you feel confident that your dentist would approve of your brushing and flossing habits? If not, you should reexamine how you go about these tasks. Regular, diligent care is needed to keep your teeth free of harmful agents like bacteria and food particles.

Combining Professional And Personal Dental Care

You and your dentist are allies in the efforts to keep your teeth healthy. While you are responsible for the daily maintenance of your teeth, your dentist can offer professional preventive support, and restorative dental care when it is needed.