Sleeping next to someone who snores can make it difficult to enjoy a full night of sleep. You should note that snoring can be an indicator of more significant issues. People who experience sleep apnea – periods of airway blockages while they sleep – will often snore loudly. This loss of air causes the person to wake up throughout the night, even if they do not remember waking up at all. Because of this, they are unable to complete their sleep cycle, and are deprived of the effects of rest. Sleep apnea can cause potentially severe health issues.

Watching Out For Sleep Apnea

You can snore without having sleep apnea, but it is a major indicator. Sleep apnea can also leave you groggy and unfocused during your day, raise your blood pressure, and even disrupt your mental health. People with sleep apnea see their risk for suffering a heart attack or stroke go up. Sleep apnea is more commonly found in older, overweight men, but they are not the only ones who can develop this affliction. If you have any reason to suspect you or your partner might have sleep apnea, you should mention it during a visit with your dentist. You may be able to receive a custom mouth guard that prevents your airways from closing during the night.

Other Oral Health Issues That Complicate Your Sleep

Snoring is not the only intrusive sound someone can make while they sleep. Have you heard something that sounds like grinding teeth while your partner sleeps? That could be bruxism at work. Bruxism refers to involuntary jaw clenching, and it occurs more often during sleep. This condition can wear down your teeth, or even cause them serious trauma.