Updates to dental technology and treatments can make for better patient experiences. Advanced monitoring techniques for your teeth, mouth, and gums can yield comprehensive scans that help your dentist better study your oral health. There are also methods for helping anxious patients receive the care they need, without letting their fear stop them from seeking treatment. If you are in need of dental treatment, or if you are due for a routine checkup, the modern techniques used by your dentist can make for a more pleasant experience.

Working With Anxious Patients

If you suffer dental anxiety that keeps you from seeking oral care, you should know that there are methods available to alleviate your worries. Nitrous oxide can be administered during treatment, to help you relax. Because the effects of the gas wear off quickly, you can drive yourself home after treatment. An oral sedative can also be provided to patients.

Changes In How Your Dentist Can Examine Your Oral Health

Sophisticated technology has allowed for better images of your teeth and gums. With intraoral cameras, your dentist can study regions of your mouth that are difficult to look at without assistance. The camera is at the end of a slim handpiece, so that it is minimally invasive. Digital x-rays can create x-ray images that produce less radiation, and create less waste.

Composite Fillings

Updated cavity treatments can restore your teeth while causing minimal disruption to your appearance. By using a composite material instead of metal, your filling can bond directly to your tooth for a better fit, with material that more closely resembles your enamel.