The winter season often brings with it snow and cold temperatures, depending on where you live. It is also the time when colds and cases of flu are at their peak. When you are sick, you may not feel up to brushing your teeth or maintaining your good oral habits. However, taking care of your teeth and mouth works hand in hand with taking care of your body properly. When you are under the weather, here are some things your Mansfield, TX, dentists recommend to help you keep up with your dental health.

Ensure That You Are Practicing Good Hygiene Habits

You have probably been told many times growing up to cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough. While that is a good, overall practice, it is imperative that you do so, even more, when you are sick. And when it comes to your toothbrush, it should be okay to keep it after you are feeling better. However, never share it with anyone, and if its bristles look frayed or broken, then replace it. It is a good idea to change it out every three or four months. 

Check The Sugar Content of Cough Drops

Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris suggest avoiding cough drops that include corn syrup or fructose in their ingredients since sugar is one of the main causes of cavities. Keeping a cough drop that contains a lot of sugar in your mouth gives more time for bacteria to feed on the sugar. That turns into acid that then produces holes in the teeth.

Avoid Brushing Immediately After Vomiting

Having the flu is no fun, especially if it is the stomach flu, which may lead to vomiting. If this happens, avoid reaching for your toothbrush right after. The reason? Stomach acids may have come into contact with your teeth while vomiting. Brushing too soon could cause those acids to be rubbed over your teeth’s enamel. Instead, rinse your mouth out with water or mouthwash, then wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth.  

Drinks Lots Of Water

Many medicines, like antihistamines and decongestants, may make your mouth dry. When you have a dry mouth, you are at risk for cavities, since there is nothing to swish the bacteria out of your mouth. We suggest drinking lots of water to help avoid a dry mouth. Keeping sugarless cough drops or throat lozenges in your mouth is good, too, as they will encourage saliva production. And if you want to drink something other than water, avoid anything that has sugar or acidic elements in it.  

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