Quizzes are all over the internet right now. People take quizzes to see what fictional character is their spirit animal. You might take a quiz to see what you should eat for dinner, watch on television tonight, or to see what color car you should drive. If you are taking quizzes online, can you say how many of them you have gained knowledge from? Today’s quiz on dental implants is a fun way to test your knowledge and gain some insights. Dental implants can play an essential role in your smile’s health after you have experienced tooth loss. If you have questions about dental implants, please contact our team in Mansfield, TX. 


  1. TRUE or FALSE  Adult tooth loss is not a big deal as it has no long-term effects on your oral health.
  2. TRUE or FALSE  A dental implant replaces the roots of your tooth.
  3. TRUE or FALSE  A dental implant only supports a dental crown.

Answer Key

  1. FALSE. Adult tooth loss is a big deal because it can have long-term effects on your oral health. Losing a tooth as an adult can affect the way your mouth functions. You may have issues biting, chewing, and even speaking. A lost tooth may create a blank space in your smile’s appearance. Tooth loss can also weaken your jaw bone by causing the loss of bone density. Replacing a tooth with a dental implant can help to offset some of these effects.
  2. TRUE. A dental implant replaces the roots of your tooth and it is inserted where the roots of the tooth once were.
  3. FALSE. A dental implant can support a dental crown, but it can also support a bridge or full or partial dentures. Depending on the extent of your tooth loss, you and your dentist may decide which prosthetic is best for you.

Is a dental implant right for your smile?

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