August in Mansfield, Texas is a complicated month. On one hand, school starts back up, which can make everyone feel like summer is over. On the other hand, it is still around 100 degrees outside, which means that summer is definitely still here. When it is this hot outside, it is imperative that everyone is drinking enough water. Sweating leads to a loss of water from the body that can lead to dehydration. Drinking water can help replenish your body’s hydration levels and keep you feeling healthy. When your family is drinking enough water, it helps keeps your bodies and your smiles in good health. 

Good for the Body

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adolescents in the United States that drink less water also tend to eat fewer fruits and vegetables, eat more fast food, get less physical exercise, and drink more sugar-sweetened beverages. Drinking water is a zero-calorie way to give your body energy. Drinking enough water helps you to feel full. Most importantly, water helps to keep the functions of your body running properly.

Good for the Smile

One function of the body that is quite helpful to your oral health is the production of saliva. Saliva is your body’s way of rinsing harmful bacteria out of your mouth. Not only does drinking water help keep saliva flowing, but it also helps to rinse away the bacteria itself. If you are opting for a sugary drink or a dark-colored beverage, balancing each sip with a sip of plain water can help to lessen the negative effects. Carbonated water, as long as it has no added sugar, can be a fun way to get enough water in your diet. Water-loaded fruits and vegetables like cucumbers and celery can be a great way to get your daily fluid intake, too.

Drinking water is a healthy choice

Opt for plain water instead of sugary beverages. To schedule a consultation with Mansfield Dental Associates in Mansfield, TX, call 817-473-6227. We proudly welcome patients from Mansfield and the surrounding areas, including South Arlington, Kennedale, Southeast Ft. Worth, Alvarado, Midlothian, and more.