If you have ever lost a tooth as an adult, then you know how transformative it can be for your smile. Not only is the appearance affected (depending on the location of the tooth loss), but the functionality of your bite is affected. Losing even just one tooth can cause your bite to become imbalanced, your jawbone weaker, and your remaining teeth can face negative consequences. In many cases, dental implants can be a way to address tooth loss and the effects it can have on your mouth’s health. An implant can be paired with a lifelike prosthetic to restore both your smile’s appearance and function.

Replacing a Tooth’s Roots

Dental implants are small biocompatible posts that are inserted into your jawbone in a precise position to withstand pressure from biting and chewing. The post replaces the roots of your tooth, while a crown, bridge, or implant replace your missing tooth’s crown. The implant allows for whatever prosthesis it is supporting to sit closer to your gums, which can give it a more natural and realistic appearance. After the implant has been inserted, your jaw will heal and fuse to the surface of the implant posts.

Keeping Your Jaw Strong

Your teeth and their roots stimulate your jawbone, and this is what causes your body to send adequate nutrients to the bone. Once the roots have been removed, that stimulation to the bone is lost. This sends a signal to your body to stop sending essential nutrients. Without these nutrients, your jawbone can become weaker and softer. This can cause it to change shape over time. Your remaining teeth need a strong foundation, so they become in danger if your jawbone begins to lose bone density. A dental implant can provide the stimulation your body and bone needs to keep your jaw strong and healthy.

A dental implant can help you to address tooth loss

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