Replacing a missing tooth as an adult is important for your oral health. A missing tooth limits your ability to bite and chew. If it is a tooth in a visible part of your smile, a missing tooth can create a void in your appearance. Losing a permanent tooth as an adult also comes with the risk of bone loss. A tooth that is lost can contribute to the loss of bone density in your jawbone. This bone loss can put your remaining teeth in danger of shifting or loss. A dental implant can stabilize a tooth’s replacement and it can reduce your risk of bone loss. 

Preventing Bone Loss

Your teeth have long roots and nerves that stimulate the bone that supports them. This stimulation keeps the body sending nutrients to the bone. When the nerves and roots of the tooth are removed along with the tooth, the stimulation ceases to happen. The body stops sending important nutrients to your jawbone that are needed to keep the density at a healthy level. Over time, the body may even begin to strip nutrients to use in other areas of the body in a process called bone resorption. This loss of bone density can cause the jaw to soften, change shape, and weaken. A changing shape can cause dentures to fit improperly. It can also cause your remaining natural teeth and prosthetic teeth to shift. Imagine a house built on a soft and shifting foundation.

Supporting Replacements

An implant not only stimulates the jawbone to reduce the risk of bone density loss, but an implant provides support for a dental replacement like a crown, bridge, partial or full dentures. Mini-implants can be provided for those that cannot tolerate a full implant for any reason. A mini-implant is a smaller version that can still provide the same benefits to your smile.

Can a dental implant play a role with your smile?

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