Patients who have been dealing with sleeping issues for a long time may become a bit accustomed to what it means to suffer from interrupted sleep. For instance, if you have long been known as a loud snorer, you may not be too surprised to find yourself awake in the middle of the night. You may also shrug off a day filled with fatigue because it is just like every other day. However, seeking sleep apnea treatment is incredibly important, which is why we urge you to consider its significance. Beyond daily sluggishness are some serious side effects. Ready to learn more about treatment and how it can improve your life? Read further:

Sleep Apnea Is Dangerous

One of the main reasons we suggest sleep apnea treatment is that it is dangerous. On one level, the danger is directed at yourself. You will find that you suffer from severe fatigue, which may affect your ability to feel energized throughout the day. Sleep apnea that is ignored may result in serious health problems, such as an increased likelihood of developing liver problems, high blood pressure, and even cardiac problems. You may also find that the danger is directed at others. For instance, if you fall asleep while driving a car or doing something else that may endanger the lives of others, your sleep apnea is quite risky.

About Treatment

We offer sleep apnea treatment to improve your immediate concern, which is poor sleep. Treatment also protects you from the long-term dangers associated with this sleep disorder. We will provide you with a custom-fitted oral appliance – much like a mouth guard – called a TAP appliance. The device is adjustable and will gently reposition your jaw, moving it forward. This shift promotes open airways, which prevents the nightly obstruction associated with sleep apnea. Because the TAP is adjustable, it makes treating each patient’s unique needs quite simple. You can expect improved breathing for restful sleep.


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