Do you need a dental filling to treat your cavity? If so, you may initially feel a sinking sensation in your stomach as you imagine a metal filling and a darkened tooth. Before you make any assumptions about fillings, we have good news. We offer white fillings to repair your tooth. This means you will not have to worry about the beauty of your tooth becoming compromised as the result of treatment. Beyond that, white – or composite – fillings offer a slew of additional benefits. Learn more about them, so you can feel confident about restoring your oral health:

About Composite Fillings

This type of filling is often referred to as a “white filling” or a “tooth-colored filling” because it will match your tooth, unlike a dark metal filling. Instead of metal, we will use a synthetic acrylic-resin material called composite. Just like any other filling, we will numb your tooth and remove the decayed tissue. We will then fill the opening with the composite, dry the material, and then make adjustments if necessary, so you continue to enjoy a comfortable bite.

Benefits of White Fillings

Did you find out you need a composite filling? Lucky for you, they look beautiful because they are not simply “white.” We will actually match the color of the composite to the color of your tooth for a beautiful match. You can also expect the following advantages:

  • Composite does not conduct heat or cold very well, so you will not deal with enhanced temperature-related sensitivity as a result of your filling – this often happens with metal
  • Composite fillings are safe for almost all patients, including young children, pregnant women, and people allergic to metal
  • Your filling will bond to your tooth tissue, which means you can expect it to last


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