The American Dental Association recommends people undergo regular checkups. Despite being a routine and non-invasive procedure, an exam can help you maintain a healthier smile. In fact, a checkup is one of the key ways a doctor can identify possible problems in the earliest stages. Today, we’re looking at what happens during a checkup.

Frequently Asked Questions About Checkups

Question: Will the doctor perform an oral cancer screening?

Answer: During every checkup we will perform a visual scan of the mouth to look for possible signs of oral cancer. Otherwise, oral cancer is often undiscovered until the late stages, which is nearly half of the 43,000 people diagnosed each year succumb to the disease within five years.

Question: Will he look for signs of jaw joint disorders or bruxism?

Answer: We also use a checkup to watch for possible signs of bite misalignment, TMJ disorder, or bruxism (teeth grinding). Addressing these issues in the early stages can prevent further discomfort and help protect the smile from damage.

Question: How many times a year will I need an exam?

Answer: We recommend a dental exam once every six months. If a patient is at a particularly high risk of gum disease we may suggest a more frequent cleaning, such as once every three or four months.

Question: Do children need exams too?

Answer: We suggest a dental exam for children as well. Routine visits not only allow the dentist to catch decay in the earl stages, but can also reduce dental anxiety in children. If you have any questions or could like to schedule an exam for you or a family member, contact our office today.


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